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PT. Dolphin Food & Beverages Industry is part of a diverse group of companies that extends from the manufacturing industry such as paint & chemicals (Calcium Carbonate) and the property industry such as hotels & office tower development. We pride ourselves in our goal of continuous improvement and development in the quality, manufacturing process and range of the products that we offer. We understand that customers come first and we will dedicate our best to service our customers needs and priorities.

It is PT. Dolphin Food & Beverages Industry’s goal to manufacture and provide products that are affordable to the mass market and yet, still provide the same quality care and hygiene level as more expensive products.

With our product range and your distribution expertise, we hope as many consumers as possible will be able to buy and enjoy our products to the mutual benefit and co-operation between PT. Dolphin Food & Beverages Industry and our extensive distributors network.

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Our successes in the local as well as export market are prove of the customer’s preference and satisfaction. Moreover in 2013 PT. Dolphin Food & Beverages Industry has received the PRIMANIYARTA award given by the Ministry of Trade Indonesia for the Category of “Pioneer to the New Market”. Our products have been exported to:

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